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We would like to thank everyone

who came and helped make the

16th Annual Denton Blues Festival

a huge success
























16th Annual Denton Blues Festival Community Stage


Saturday September 20th             Sunday September 21st


1:00-1:30 Open                         1:00-1:30 Open

1:30-1:45 DJ/Music                    1:30-1:45 DJ/Music

1:45-2:30 Open                         1:45-2:30 Furious George

2:30-3:00 DJ/Music                    2:30-3:00 DJ/Music

3:00-4:00 Mojo Frankenstein      3:00-4:00 Morgan Wallace Band

4:00-4:30 DJ/Music                    4:00-4:30 DJ/Music

4:30-5:30 Bear Creek Rockers    4:30-5:30 Lady Winton Sextet

5:30-6:00 DJ/Music                    5:30-6:00 DJ/Music

6:00-7:00 Special Mr. ED            6:00-7:00 Funkle Sam


Music and sounds provided by DJ Baxspin

© Denton Black Chamber of Commerce